Michael Augustin was born in Lübeck, Northern Germany. He studied Anglo-Irish Literature and Folklore at University College Dublin and the University of Kiel. He works as a writer and broadcaster with Radio Bremen. He co-directs the international literature festival “Poetry on the Road” in Bremen and writes poetry, mini drama and short prose. His collages and drawings have appeared in magazines worldwide. His recent books are Without Prior Warning (Collages & Visual Poetry) and Der stärkste Mann der Welt  (Poems, Miniatures & Collages). His work has been translated into many languages, and he has read at poetry festivals around the globe. He himself has translated both poetry and drama (including works by Raymond Carver, John B. Keane, Pearse Hutchinson, Kenneth Koch, Adrian Henri, Adrian Mitchell, Roger McGough, Matthew Sweeney, Bill Morrison and Peter Sheridan). Augustin is married to the Indian poet Sujata Bhatt and he is a member of German and Irish P.E.N. 


Books published in English & Irish:


Michael Augustin: A Certain Koslowski. Translated by Margitt Lehbert. With illustrations by Hartmut Eing. Todmorden: Arc, 1992.


Michael Augustin: Ad infinitum. Poems and Epigrams / Dánta agus Burúin / Gedichte und Epigramme. Aistritheoirí Gabriel Rosenstock agus Hans Christian-Oeser. Baile Átha Cliath: Coiscéim, 2001.


Michael Augustin: Mickle Makes Muckle. Poems, Mini Plays & Short Prose. Translated from the German by Sujata Bhatt. Afterword by Philip Casey. Dublin: Dedalus, 2007.


Michael Augustin: Das System hat keine Krise. Collages. Dugort, Achill Island: Redfoxpress, 2016.


Michael Augustin: A Certain Koslowski: The Director's Cut. Translated by Sujata Bhatt & Margitt Lehbert. With illustrations by Hartmut Eing. Todmorden: Arc, 2016.


Michael Augustin: Without Prior Warning. Collages / Visual Poetry. Dugort, Achill Island: Redfoxpress, 2018